An Objective Piaggio MP3 Review

Piaggio MP3 motorbikes are a sight to behold. Their speeds are amazing, and the extra front wheel gives motorcyclists peace of mind. This makes motorcycling attractive to safety conscious commuters, who usually wouldn’t contemplate it.

The Motorbike Engine

The Piaggio MP3’s 250 cc, four stroke engine is a normal scooter engine. Due to the auto transmission, the power is flat and unexciting. The extra weight, in comparison to a standard scooter, affects the acceleration and top speed. Nonetheless, the MP3 is designed purely for transportation purposes, instead of recreation. Therefore, fuel efficiency has been prioritized over excitement.

Ride and Handling

The addition of another wheel hasn’t made the MP3 especially quick around corners, but the sense of safety is irrefutable. Even if it is pouring down with rain, the MP3 sustains its’ performance, with no wheel skating. The brakes function effectively and lock ups occur infrequently. Moreover, when they do occur, they are easy to resolve. Should the throttle close, you can lock the front tilting end to below five mph. This enables you to halt, without putting your feet down. The questionable suspension is a drawback, because this sometimes rattles over potholes.

The Hardware

The large under seat area for storage can hold one standard face helmet, as well as luggage or a couple of open face helmets. On the dashboard, data regarding the level of fuel, time and ambient temperature is displayed. Twin trip meters are included too. Although this motorbike has a center stand, it is rarely needed – due to the steering lock. Protection is offered from the bodywork, and a handbrake stops the motorbike from rolling downhill.

Quality and Dependability

The quality of the build is not ideal. You will have to maintain this motorbike, otherwise the suspension and engine will deteriorate. No big dependability issues have been identified, however.

Piaggio MP3 Review Final Thoughts

At £4199, some people will regard the Piaggio MP3 as too pricey. Nonetheless, the additional safety, in comparison to a normal scooter, the easy filtering and the excellent equipment make it an appealing choice for those desiring a break from public transport. Check out the Motoden website for the latest motorbikes and scooters.