Tips For Summer Travel Wardrobe


If you’re going to go traveling this Summer then packing may be one of the most important parts of trips. How and what you pack can heavily influence the comfort of your trip. If you pack your bags right, you can end up saving money, feeling great. And having everything you need for a great time.

One of the best ways to start packing is to analyze your trip. How long will you be staying? How much will you be walking? How hot is the climate of your destination? All these questions and more can clue you in to exactly the right apparel for your trip.

After you know exactly what it’ll be like while you’re traveling after doing some preliminary research, next you should concentrate on the pieces you’ll be bringing.

A tip from hikers when you know you’ll be sweating is to opt for 100% polyester tshirts with quick dry technology so you’re not constantly sweating. Another great tip is to always bring an extra set of clothes, especially if you don’t know if you’ll have access to a washing machine and you’ll be staying for awhile.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your pants are comfortable. The kind of bottoms you’ll bring on your trip will greatly depend on what you’re doing. If you’ll mostly be going to different places on foot, get comfortable and loose pants that can air out on your walks.

If you’ll be taking a plane, another great way to save money on your trip is to make sure you can fit everything is one bag so that you do not have to check it at their airport. This can save a lot of money and hassle, especially since airports are notorious for losing luggage.

Another thing you should consider is if you’ll be attending fancy dinners or entertainment. This calls for at least one nice outfit on your trip,made of lightweight material. Visit Lord & Taylor to get everything you need for your trip this Summer.