Yes, Scooters are Back!


Honda PS125 scooter offers an upgrade of the old time scooters out of the 70’s with motorcycle technology. Honda PS125 review submits the Honda ingenuity of performance vehicles proves itself in this scooter model. Motorcycle suspension and a seat that is wide and comfortable is just the start of a perfect around town transportation.

The easy to mount wide seat and comfortable foot base are what scooters are all about and will put you on your way in no time. This gasoline powered scooter has a 4-stroke engine that will power to at least 65mph. The Max Torque at 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1 gives you the fast start off the line ready to go when the light turns green. The 6-spoke aluminum cast 13 inch motorcycle wide wheels give better control on turns. PS or Perfect Scooter has a front panel glove box that also houses the fuse box. There is also a storage bin behind the seat to stash your helmet and a few other accessories. Gas mileage is pleasantly 100 miles per gallon, so taking a day trip will leave your pocketbook happy.

The look of this machine is sleek and muscular. Beautifully designed and aerodynamic the front end is a head turner and the chrome exhaust pipes are to the rear away from the foot areas. The gauges are beautifully designed and easy to see. The turn signals and front lighting in the front are stylish and easy to see from a distance with 55W low and 60W high beam headlights. The rear lights are also easy to see from rear traffic and seamlessly fold into the body. Combined braking power is linked proving much smoother stopping leaving you ready to go again. The chassis is lighter so taking this along for a road trip at the end of your destination will allow you to see some sites off the beaten path.

Honda PS125 has hit a home run with this fuel injection, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine that is so easy to handle. The affordability is a pleasant surprise which can put one or two in your garage for your weekend adventures.